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The following are samples of narrative and documentary work written and directed by Jonathan Sanden…

Adam & Eve posterAdam & Eve (narrative short)
It’s been said that rules were made to be broken.
Perhaps this has been true since the beginning
of time. When a father seems obsessed with
enforcing only one strange rule, even the most
obedient child will eventually wonder why.
This modern day imagining of the fall of man
story raises the question: were we set up to fail?

Adam & Eve was shot on location in New York
City and Ridgefield, CT over a three day period in October of 2004.

TRT 9:25, Color 16mm, Stereo, 1.85 Widescreen

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Adam & Eve Trailer

TRT 1:20

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Adam & Eve DVD

The DVD of the project contains the finished film, the trailer, and over 40 production stills from the three day shoot. If you would like a copy of this DVD please email Jon at
Adam & Eve DVD

production stills (click to view . . . 36 total)
production stillproduction stillproduction still production still

The Art of the Portrait (documentary short)
TRT 6:12, Mini-DV

Being a professional artist means balancing artistic desires with commercial needs. Can an artist accomplish both and still remain true to his art? Artist John Howard Sanden explains how he has dealt with this dilemma over his 40 year career as a portrait painter.

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