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Jonathan Sanden - Writer / Director / Producer

Jonathan is currently a senior at NYU's undergraduate program for Film and Television Production at the Tisch School of the Arts. Extropy will be Jonathan's senior thesis project and the final film that he will make while at NYU.

While still in high school, Jonathan pursued an academic path focused mainly on sciences and took advanced courses in biology and genetics before developing an interest in filmmaking and storytelling. The artistic and creative draw of film was so strong that he chose to focus on this field in college. He applied to NYU's Cinema Studies program and was accepted only to find that he needed a more hands-on experience with film. In his freshman year, he applied for transfer into the Film Production major and has been active in the program ever since. From sophomore year on, Jonathan has made a number of short films, worked on several different projects, and had a variety of different experiences in the film industry.

In his sophomore year, he made five short films on black and white 16mm reversal. He also directed two live-to-tape studio performances in the NYU TV studio as well as a short documentary on his father's work as a portrait artist.

In his junior year, Jonathan focused his creative efforts on his intermediate "color-sync" short film project. Using a cast of four and a crew of ten, the film was a 9 minute narrative shot on 16mm color negative with digital sync sound. For this project, Jonathan produced a modern-day imagining of the classic Genesis story simply titled Adam & Eve. The complete film, and its trailer, can be viewed here: past work.

Additionally, Jonathan has had internship experience working at both a post-production facility in Manhattan and an independent documentary film company in Brooklyn. He has also worked with his father to produce a number of artist instructional videos for portrait painting students. These videos are currently being sold to art students at www.portraitinstitute.com.

Jonathan is currently interning for film producer Michael A. Jackman who was recently appointed Senior Vice President of Post Production at The Weinstein Company.

Over the summer, he assisted Mr. Jackman in completing delivery on several finished films and aided in research and preparation for several projects in development.

Since October, Jonathan has worked with Mr. Jackman at the Weinstein Company & Dimension Films helping to track several films at various stages of production and post-production.

In the spring, Jonathan will move from the administrative to the creative side of post-production when he goes to intern for Matthew Landon, who is also an SVP of Post Production for the Weinsteins.

To view Jonathan's resume, please click here: Jonathan Sanden Resume in pdf format

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