Extropy is currently accepting casting submissions for all roles (see below).

Resumes and headshots should be sent to:

Alexis Ward
Extropy Casting Director
190 E 7th Street #419
New York, NY 10009

Or emailed to:

(hard copy is preferred)

Please review the shooting schedule (April 21st-29th) to confirm your availability.

Principal Roles:
(click each name to read a brief a character bio)

Philip Zephyr - Lead - (Age 28-33)
(Needed for full length of shoot: April 21st-29th)

Frank Zephyr - (60-75)
(2-3 shooting days - TBD)

Kate Zephyr - (28-33)
(2-3 shooting days - TBD)

Cedric Vickers - (28-33)
(2-3 shooting days - TBD)

Stephen Roissi - (45-55)
(2-3 shooting days - TBD)


Featured Roles:
(each needed for 1 shooting day)

Jim (18-23)
Hospital Supply Store Employee

Dr. Stanley (25-40)
Roissi's personal physician

Maria Roissi (38-52)
Stephen Roissi's wife

Sarah (3-6)
Philip's daughter

Sarah (26-32)
Philip's daughter (years later).

Frankie (4-8)
Philip's grandson (years later).

Old Ced (55-75)
Cedric Vickers (years later)

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